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  1. Thank you for the nice tee shirt pattern. Can’t wait to make it. I’m a beginner, and will be in touch when I finish it.

    1. Really interested in being on your email list…Is there one??

  2. Thanks guys
    To follow up re: The free pattern and tutorials: very helpful. I have finished making it and am very pleased with the result. As a beginner, i had trouble with making a straight line of stitching around the collar, but I just kept ripping out the stitching and starting again. Its not perfect but I’m happy with the way the tee fits and the whole process was easy. I will make another one.

    Thanks again,

  3. does it come in Xlarge?

  4. hi i am new

  5. can we still get the knit pj shorts pattern?

  6. Can’t figure out how to get patterns!

  7. Kan er niet achter komen. Hoe ik een gratis patroon van jullie kan krijgen. BVD thea

  8. Hoe ik een gratis patroon van jullie kan krijgen. BVD thea

  9. Hi, i cant seem to print the tiny tank dress. It just prints as an a4 piece of paper. Any ideas?

  10. i dont see any patterns?

  11. I would like the pattern for the wrapped up dress for little girls. I hope you still have it available.

  12. Hi, could I get the lounge pants pattern please?

  13. I’m looking for the yoga bell pants pattern please

  14. Am new (only have flip ph)and don’t have email so, can’t do pdf- do u do regular mail? Love that u do beginner design. Btw- found u through a link from cottagemama will provide ph num for text

  15. Where can I find the Yoga Pants pattern/

  16. May I have a copy of pattern of the comfy yoga pants

  17. Hi how can I get the knit boyfriend cardigan?

  18. Buenos días, donde puedo conseguir el patrón de los pantalones cómodos??? de yoga

  19. Looking for free baby girl’s dress patterns. Thank you

  20. Where is the T shirt pattern? Off set shoulder pattern. All I see come up are comments? Thanks Marcia D

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