Want to reach a new audience for your service or product?  iCandy-Handmade has a large and loyal audience waiting to learn more about what you have to offer.

There are a variety of ways in which we can work with advertisers.  Below is the schedule of services and prices:

Full Sponsored Post:  $450

  • An entire post dedicated to your product or service.  The post must include a giveaway or discount to our users.  The product or service must also fit into the mission and content profile of iCandy-Handmade.com.
  • Sidebar ad:  $150 per month.  The side bar is 375 x 175,  located within our “visit our Sponsors” area.  Ads must meet content guidelines.
  • Sponsored Text Link:  $75. Features one image and a short paragraph about your product or service at the bottom of a post.  May also be a bolded keyword within the post.
  • Pin on iCandy Pinterest board: $75. Advertiser must select one board to pin your product or service to and we will pin it to our followers.

Please email madebyautie {at} gmail {dot} com for questions and to secure your ads.

iCandy-Handmade stats:

Monthly visits:  approx 75,000
Monthly Page views:  135,912
Average Pages Per Visit:  1.90
Average Visit Duration:  1:16
Site users are primarily women 18-54 years.

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