Halloween 2015: the Fox

Halloween 2015: the Fox

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Holy Cow it’s been a long time since we’ve posted!  With school starting in September I guess we got carried away in life, but it’s October…and you know what that means!  We have to gear up for Halloween costumes over here!  I finished the first and the easiest one to handle the other day, so I thought I’d put my little Foxy girl up here with a basic list of what I did…with links!

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This is Scarlet…she’s 3, and in love with Foxes ever since that song came out.  (you know which one I mean…and I still don’t really know what the stinkin’ fox says!)  So, my first instinct was to replicate the little dress I made for the bumblebee costume a few years ago, and jazz it up with some foxy accessories. Here is a link to the Bee costume tutorial.  I did all the same things with a few exceptions:

-rather than add the stripes, I simply added the white fur tummy…easy.

-rather than make double-fold bias tape, I used the same method I use for binding a quilt to finish off the edge of the felt dress.  I think they are both great ways to finish it off, this was easier for me this time.  (quilt binding tut here)

Pattern: Felt Dress Costume Pattern

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This little dress is so amazing for so many costumes…bookmark this one, baby!  Like I said, it was perfect for a bee stinger, it’s perfect for this hot fox tail…  It’s a go-to easy felt dress pattern!

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For the Tail, I followed (this tutorial) only instead of glue, I used a sewing machine.  I had to be careful to brush back and pin the fur away from where I sewed so that when I was done, the layered fur covered the other layers to look more natural.  I also trimmed a 1/4″ away from each edge to make sewing easier.   I used pillow fluff to stuff the tail and then hand stitched it onto Scarlet’s Black leotard.

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To make her ears, I followed (this tutorial)–but I covered the headband first with matching fabric.  I also used metal paperclips to make the ears hold their shape because that’s what I had on hand.  🙂  mine are waaaaay too big…but I’m not re-doing them.  Scarlet doesn’t seem to mind.

I did keep the pattern for the tummy fur and the tail if anyone is interested in those, leave a comment, and I’ll scan them in for you.  (they’re pretty rudimentary, but I’m happy to share!)

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  1. Can I get the pattern for the bumble bee girl outfit please I love it its adorable 🙂

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