Tie Dye Your Summer with Tulip

Tie Dye Your Summer with Tulip


We’re right smack in the middle of summer where we live, and what better way to live-up summer time than with Tie-Dye!  I remember as a little girl taking a tie-dye class in the summer with my cousin.  We were so excited to create the vibrant shirts that is conjured up when we think about a tie-dyed tee-shirt.  We carefully selected our colors, and wound rubber band after rubber band around our white shirts.  And when it came time for the grand reveal… I was disappointed.



I was given the opportunity to give these new Tulip brand, One-Step Tie Dye Kits a try.  (more info here) As you might imagine, I was worried about our shirts being a disappointment, as it was in my youth, but THIS KIT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!


I brought my kit with me on my vacation to Washington State to visit my parents.  All of my nieces and nephews were going to be altogether, so I thought it would be fun to have a little country Tie-Dye party.  We set up a table outside to lessen the mess.


We set up a plastic, throw-away table cloth, and bought each kid a white bin from the dollar store. We displayed some directions on a piece of scrap wood, and also had ready extra vinyl gloves, gallon Ziploc bags and Saran wrap


The color options were amazing and we had enough dye to completely tie dye 11 kid’s shirts.  The dye set-up was painless…you just add water… and aside from the stress of my kids shirts turning out like mine, the activity was so fun!


I was so impressed with the quality of the dye, and the vibrancy of the colors.  I was sure that a “just add water” kit wouldn’t be as vibrant as we’d imagine…but it WAS!  Each kid was so excited to see what they had created, and  no one walked away sad.  I love that part!


There is still time left!  Here is an excellent blog with ideas on how to fold your garments in preparation for tie-dye.  I studied this the night before our little country party and it was very helpful.  (click here)


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