Border Print Nightgowns

Border Print Nightgowns

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We’ve teamed up with Anna Griffin again and her cute hip hip hooray line of fabrics!  I thought her border print fabric was perfect for a pillowcase… and when I thought pillowcase, my mind immediately went to Jen’s amazing pillowcase nightgowns that both of my girls adore.  (here)  And then, of course, Ivy wanted one for her American Girl Doll, too!

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I added a little pom-pom fringe to the bottom of Ivy’s as well as a criss-cross back, both of which I did not add to our doll nightgown.


To make Ivy’s dress, I cut (2) 21″ x 45″ rectangles (her chest measures 23.5) so that measurement would fit a wide variety of girls sizes.

I also used fold-over elastic rather than the stretch lace elastic as Jen did before just to try something new.


To start, we serged the two panels together, with right sides together, making sure that the border print was matching.


Then we turned it right-side-out and serged both the top and bottom edges of the nighty.


I measured the fold-over elastic on her chest, and she helped me decide if it was too tight or loose…I cut it to be 19″ long and then sewed the edges together as shown below.  (Ivy is super sensitive about elastic being too tight, so I always have to test it out on her before I sew!)


Next I measured and marked the elastic and the fabric into 4 quarters with a disappearing ink pen.  Next, I folded the elastic over, matching those marks, and pinned it into place in 4 places.  The next step is to sew the elastic down by stretching it as you sew.


This part is a little tricky because you want to stretch your elastic evenly as you sew so that it has an even ruffled look to it when you’re done.  By dividing it into 4 sections as we did, it makes it easier to keep it even.  Even so, I took sections of those 4 sections as I sewed to insure that the ruffle was even.  The picture shows me holding the elastic in the folded-over position.hiphip11a

…and while you’re holding the elastic in position, also stretch it and pull it through.


Our straps here also cut from the fold-over elastic.  I measured over from the center mark 3.5″ for the front placement, and 1.5″ on the back (that’s to make the criss-cross pattern).  Again, Ivy is super-sensitive about elastic being too tight, so I’d try it on your girl before you sew the straps into place.

To finish it off, I folded a hem under and sewed the pom-pom trim onto the bottom.

We repeated the same steps to complete the doll night gown, only cutting the two panels to be 9″x22″.  The doll straps were 5″ each.



Fun project for your girls to make for themselves and dolls!


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  4. I couldn’t find what size to cut the elastic for the doll. I’d like to make this-super cute.

  5. So very cute! Perhaps I’m missing it, but where is the pattern/instructions for the AG doll?

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