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Time for my “Happenings” again….  Are you in full summer mode yet?  Next week is our last week of school.  I don’t know if I am happy or scared.  A little of both.  I will enjoy the no-pressure mornings but I think I am going to go a bit crazy with all of the kids home all day every day.  I am not a super-scheduled mom, either!  I am more go-with-the-flow. We will probably spend lots of time at the pool and beach and maybe try to do one fun adventure a week.  I made a summer fun list of things to do here in San Diego that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  Will report here as we do them!

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  • Show Your Work by Austin Kleon – This book is the sequel to Steal Like An Artist.  It’s about ways to get yourself out there as an artist.  So far it is really great!
  • Defy by Sara Larson – Love me a good fantasy and this one definitely has my attention.


  • I started watching The Blacklist with my hubs on Netflix. I enjoy James Spader and the storyline.  Some of the actors bug me but I am still enjoying it.



  • I have been trying to go to bed at a reasonable hour so I can get up earlier and exercise.  I am NOT a morning person so it is hard for me but it makes my life so much easier if I just get it out of the way.
  • I just cut 3 inches off of my hair.  It was SO needed!

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  • I am learning how to grade patterns…


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