Easy 3/4 Skirt for Girls

Easy 3/4 Skirt for Girls

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I get tons and tons of compliments on this skirt and this skirt when I wear them.  I love it because they were SO easy to make!  When I took a look at Blend Fabric‘s Best in Show line by Maude Asbury, I knew it would make a darling skirt for my girls!

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Who doesn’t love a bunch of colorful and cute doggies all over a bright and cheerful skirt.  This has become an Ivy favorite to wear to school.

The idea is the same as the 3/4 skirt that I made for myself {here}, mixed with the double-layer awesomeness from {this skirt} you just have to adjust the sizing.  So, here are the measurements I used for my girls, and you can use the tutorials from those posts to add the waistbands and trim it out!

Ivy: Age 6

Bottom layer was 13″ long and 44″ wide.

Top layer was 11″ long x 33.5″ wide, and one section of 11″ x 11.5″

Scarlet: Age 3

Bottom layer was 11″ long and 44″ wide.  (same length as my older ones because puffy skirts are my favorite!

Top layer was 9″ long and 33.5″ wide, and one section of 9″ x 11.5″

To finish of both skirts, I chose the rolled-hem edge on both layers.  I know that some of you think it looks unfinished and messy, but I actually like it.  You could totally take a hair more time to just actually make a nice hem on both layers.  Also, I used thick elastic as the waistband.  As much as I love my black and white striped elastic on Ivy’s skirt, it was waaay to thick for Scarlet’s.  (rats!)  So, she got gold…and it’s pretty darn cute, too!


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So what do you do when you have a skirt with dogs all over it? Take it for a test drive, of course!  The fabrics in these skirts are so bright and fun and there are so many fun designs to choose from, that this skirt was so fun to mix and match and put together, and allowed me to use more than one!


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