PBK Knock-Off: Rugby Stripe Quilted Bedding

Maxquilt4 copy

The first quilt I ever made completely by myself, and the one I learned to machine-quilt on was my son’s bed quilt that I made for him when he was born (8 1/2 years ago)   He has gotten some good snuggles in that old quilt, but as an 8 year old, we decided that it was time to upgrade his bedroom look.  Inspired by the Pottery Barn Kids Rugby Stripe Quilted Bedding (here), I made him a wide-striped quilt that I still feel fits in with his baseball-themed room.

Maxquilt2 copy

The PBK quilt has the quilted lines closer together, but before this, I had never quilted in such straight lines that would be visible to the eye…normally, I’m stitching in the ditch, or stipling for years…but I knew that if I didn’t sew a straight line, you’d be able to tell on this one…so I let myself a little off-the-hook, and just did 2 lines per stripe.

Each strip of fabric was cut at 9 1/2 inches, and so each quilted stripe is divided into 3 inch segments.

maxquilt1 copy

I usually put a tag on the back of my quilts (see my tut here), but this time, I opted out.  Max is loving learning how to write in cursive (and although I was never taught cursive  –I know, are you shocked?!– and am super bad at writing it, I thought I’d give him a little tribute that only he knows is there.)

PS…I can write it a little prettier than I can sew cursive…but I did my best!  haha.

Maxquilt3 copy

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