T-ball Organization Tip

T-ball Organization Tip

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Ok T-ball moms, this isn’t a crazy creative post for you, but perhaps it will be helpful to someone, somewhere!  4-year olds playing T-ball is bound to be hectic, especially in the “dug-out,” I don’t care where you live!  They don’t sit still, they can’t keep track of their gear, they really have no idea what’s going on (though they are super fun to watch, right)  Anyways, when my son played t-ball a few years back, these buckets were super helpful in keeping things organized for a few reasons!

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Each kid has a bucket with their name on it.  They can be lined up along the dugout fence in the batting order, so each kid can sit in front of their bucket and know when there turn is, or who’s turn is next. Also, rather than using bat bags (which are perfect for bigger kids) these kids can reach in and grab their water bottle, or grab their glove, or bat & helmet and go, rather than digging around in different pockets trying to find where on earth they put…whatever.

They aren’t so cumbersome that they are hard to carry, and yet, they fit all of the things that they need for their games or practices.  We’ve found that they really help…though I would be interested to see what other leagues to do keep things organized for the little guys!

So, while this isn’t rocket science, I do know that things become even easier with a closer look…and since you’re not here to give you a closer look, here are a few of the logistics if you’re interested in doing this quick project for your T-ball team!

I printed off the team logo, and each child’s name on regular printer paper.  I used the “Varsity” font from DaFont.com… and I just google image searched the Logo for our team’s logo.  I made sure that the dimensions fit the buckets and laminated them.


The buckets are 3.5 gallon buckets and can be found in the paint aisles at your local home-improvement store…Different stores have different colors…Home Depot has Black, Lowes had a clear red color…we were able to order these white ones online for cheap. **(here’s the link, by request!)**

The rest is just duct tape art!  To fill in the gap at the top with red duct tape, I just made a little snip in the tape length-wise, and tore the duct tape right down the middle.


…And just used pieces to cover the other three sides of the print-out.  The bottom tape line is just folded under.

super easy.

I hope this was helpful!

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