2015 Maxi Skirts – Make This Look

2015 Maxi Skirts – Make This Look

If you ask me, the Maxi Skirt of 2015 is all about the right fabric.  It is now spring (well it’s pretty much always spring here where I live) but in most of the U.S., spring has arrived.  Maxi skirt season, right?  Do you pull out all of your old stripey ones or do you go bold?  I, for one am pretty tired of all my old skirts and am ready to make a few new ones for this season.

The other day I was wandering around Anthro and saw this skirt.  I just love the bold print, cool dipped hemline and the ruched waistband. Both fabric options are really fun. But knowing that I could easily make it always deters me from buying things like this.

I immediately thought of the Syrah Skirt pattern from Selvage Designs.

This pattern is really quite perfect.  The shape is modern, and that ruched waistband is perfection.  You could make a few with the straight hem and maybe do the dipped hem for a couple.  You could leave it full or even narrow the side seams to make it more like the Anthro one.

Lets talk fabric now.

A cotton/spandex or lycra blend is perfect for this style.  The drape is key.

You can’t go wrong with black and white.  I love this geometric print from Girl Charlee:

This bold orange and navy print is pretty cool:

I really really like this tie die print.  I think the skirt would look amazing in this:

Go add some new Maxi’s to your wardrobe!

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