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emily and merritt

a few weeks ago, I got the PBTeen catalogue in the mail.  I love to look at Pottery Barn magazines for inspiration, especially around the holidays, but this time I was BLOWN away buy their stuff!  It could just be because it’s TEEN that made it so much more fun for me.. you know, they’re generally pretty conservative with their color pallet, etc.  But, I opened it up to flip through, and this first picture grabbed my face and forced me to look at it.  It’s amazing, right!?  I even ran over to show my neighbor…I was so in love with it…and then as I kept flipping, there were so many fun things, I kept tearing pages out left and right.  So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites.   But stop a while on that top picture, the the Emily and Meritt Parisian Bedroom {click here}, because it’s so stinkin fun!

Ruffle Quilt

This Ruffled Junk Gypsy Rockin’ Ruffle Quilt is so amazing. {click here}  I don’t know if I’d dare sit on it, but I’d sure like lookin’ at it!  I want to make one!

ruched quilt

This bedroom is darling, too, but the quilt caught my eye.  It’s the Ombre Rucked Quilt {click here}I’m still trying to wrap my brain around how I’d start that project, but it’s so relaxed and comfy looking….and forgiving to the sewer…  It might be on my to-do list!

cutie pillow

These Cutie Pillows are inspiring and fun…let’s whip some up, want to?!  I might have a pillow addiction. {click here}

hook and ladder

and lastly…I love their boy stuff!  I love their surf stuff, their rocker stuff…and of course all their sport rooms, but these football play wall decor caught my eye this time around.  What a fun idea! {click here}to see the Hook and Ladder Sport Poster Framed Art

So, I’m in no way shape or form endorsed by Pottery Barn to advertise for them…  I just had an oogle fest, drooling over the catalogue, and thought I’d share some of my fav’s!

What magazines to you stand by the mailbox waiting for?

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