Meaning of Love Printable

Meaning of Love Printable

Todays flashback post isn’t technically a real flashback; I don’t think I ever shared it here.  I posted it as a guest post a while while back 🙂
So as you probably have figured out by now, mostly all I do is sew. However, for some reason, around holidays the crafty side of me breaks out. Sometimes.  Actually I have another crafty Valentine’s Day project floating around my brain… 
Anyway, I love Subway Art and Printables so a couple of Valentine’s Days ago, I created my own to share!


This is actually my first printable that I have designed, and I love the way it turned out.
I came up with every meaning of love I could find and created a heart out of the words.
I created 4 colors:




Click to download dark pink, scarlet, turquoise, violet in an 8 1/2″ x 11″ pdf format.
Hope you like them!
Add a cute frame and easy peasy decoration, done!



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