#FBF Chairback Valentine Envelopes

#FBF Chairback Valentine Envelopes

I don’t know about you, but I am just starting to recover from the holiday craziness.  Our family has 3 birthdays in December, and you add that to the Christmas rush and it is just plain exhausting!

I also have annual updates that I have to make to my other business (an online notary course) every year in Dec/Jan that requires hours and hours of work.  I feel like I am just finally getting that done, as well.  So I know things have been quiet around here but we are ramping up for a great year, I promise!

So January is rapidly passing, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  A couple of years ago, Autie posted her annual Valentine’s Day (actually 14 days!) tradition and I just love it.


These cute Valentine’s Day Chairback Envelopes are adorable, right? So starting on the 1st of February, she puts a very small craft, treat, or note in the envelopes for her kids, one every day.  They love it so much!

I just love this.  Click on the link above to get the full tutorial.  If you get them done soon, you will be just in time for February!



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