DIY Gift bags with Graham and Brown

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Wallpaper is my new favorite.  A dream medium to work with: the paper is so sturdy and easy to work with–and Graham and Brown have so many fun designs and patterns to work with!  Last time I had a chance to work with Wallpaper, I tried my hand and a lampshade.  Today, because the wallpaper is so sturdy, I thought I’d try out making a gift bag out of it–perfect for making your gifts this season pop.  I found my wallpaper (here), it’s called “Aurora Gold and Beige.  It’s textured, and gold and perfect for the gift-giving season…not to mention, I want to slather it all over my walls!

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Supplies: I’d never made a gift bag before, so I thought I’d just guess and check measurements.  I cut my paper to be a perfect square: 20.5 x 20.5 (this made a tall, skinny gift bag, like one you’d put a bottle of Martinelli’s in)

-rotary cutter

-scotch tape


-hole punch

-creasing instrument (optional)

Step 1: Cut a couple of inches off the top of your bag, this will determine the height of your gift bag…I cut 2 off, if I had to do it again, I would definitely make my square shorter to begin with!


Step 2: Flip your paper over, so the wrong side is face up and fold that top part down, this gives you a nice finished edge on the top edge of your gift bag.  Next, (as seen below) find the center, and fold both side edges into the center and crease.  (the top of the bag is on the bottom in this picture)


Step 3: Once both side edges are folded into the center, use scotch tape (or packing tape) straight down that seam to hold it in place.  Tuck your ends around into the inside of your paper.


Step 4: Next, decide how big you wan the bottom of your bag to be… and fold the bottom (raw) edge up ( I did 5 inches). see below:


Step 5: Open the raw edges and press them down towards the middle to meet as seen below:


Step 6: Fold top and bottom edges to meet int he middle and tape.  I taped an X, but if you have flat sides on the top and bottom, that won’t be necessary.


Step 7: Finally, open up your bag, and crease where you need to, to create a bag shape.  Almost done…


Step 8: hole punch two holes on the front and back:


Step 9: Thread your favorite ribbon through to create handles.


Step 10: tie knots in your ribbon, add a tag (out of wallpaper scraps, and tissue paper and you’re ready!  Easier than it looks, huh?!

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