My STYLO Experience

My STYLO Experience

I hope you guys had a chance to check out STYLO Issue 3

I waited until my kids were in bed, and then took my time looking at it.  Just gorgeous.

So today I wanted to tell you a bit about my experience and the looks that I created. I was part of the 1 Fabric 5 Designers challenge.

When we were asked to be a contributing editor, we had no idea what fabric we would get to work with.  It was so fun.  One day, the fabric just showed up.  When I saw the postmark was from Japan, I knew it would be good.  I opened it up, and there was this BEAUTIFUL Nani Iro fabric in shades of beige and gold.  With tiny colorful flowers. From Miss Matatabi. This may sound crazy, but I have never sewed with double gauze until now.  It was so dreamy.  Anyway…

Once I had the fabric, I had to come up with my designs. I started to look at patterns and slowly it all came together in my mind.  Then, I had to find coordinating fabric.  This was the tricky part.  The color I wanted to bring out of the Nani Iro fabric was this gorgeous midnight blue/violet color.  But I am telling you, apparel weight fabric in this color was sooo difficult to find! I swear I spent hours online trying to find a great coordinating print.  I ended up ordering quite a few that didn’t work out.  One day, I was wandering around Joann, and found this random floral voile in their bargain bin area.  It was perfect and such a lucky find.  It wasn’t quite the midnight color I wanted but it worked quite well anyway.

Desert Rose B

For my little B, I was so excited to sew up a Desert Rose Dress. I have been in LOVE with this dress since it came out.  I can’t wait to make her several more when she gets a little bit older.  I made it exactly like the pattern, with no alterations.  I love this pattern! The only thing I would do differently next time, is add interfacing to the bodice since I used a voile with a heavier weight fabric for the skirt.  But it is still such a great little dress.

I made my first pair of moccs to go with it, thanks to Peek A Boo Patterns Lil Papoose pattern. I have since made another pair and have many more on my to-make list!  Love this pattern!  For this look, I used a subtle purple snakeskin leather remnant that I had purchased in LA for $2.  I altered the pattern a TINY bit.

A Tie

Next, I made a little Faux Tie for Aaron.  At first he balked at the floral design, but has worn it again without a problem.  I just love it!

Ayashi Blouse

And finally, Emily.  I made her a Ayashi Blouse from Figgys.  What a great pattern.  I did the bias tape neckline version, but created a tabbed sleeve and lengthened the hem.  I want this blouse for me.

Perry Pullover

I also made her the Perri Pullover from CaliFaye Collection but really changed it up.  I sewed up a much smaller size and shortened it a lot to make it a cropped look, since I paired it with a full skirt.  The oversized, long version wouldn’t work with a skirt, but I can’t wait to make one of those for her to wear with leggings.  I made this one out of a sweater knit and the neckband/cuffs were french terry.


The skirt was a bit tricky.  Since I had never worked with double gauze before, I didn’t realize how heavy it is.  To be honest, this skirt would have worked out quite a bit better with lighter-weight fabric.  It still turned out cute, but I wanted it to be fuller and that just couldn’t happen with the heavy nature of the fabric.  The tutorial for this skirt is in the mag.

E Crown B Headband

The headbands were a last-minute addition.  I used the Nani Iro to make Emily’s and the Glitter Tulle to make B’s.  Here is the tutorial.  I just loved how Emily’s “crown” turned out.  It was just what I wanted for the look.

We took the photos at the beach, which, with all 3 kids, was quite a circus.  The lighting was tricky that evening and boy I was sweating.  I wanted everything to be perfect.  I think I barely escaped a stress heart attack that night. 🙂  But it all worked out in the end!




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