Felt Mayflowers (flashback)

Felt Mayflowers (flashback)

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I made these fun felt Mayflower boats that I copied from the Pottery Barn Magazine a few years ago.  Back then, I only had 2 kids.  Well, little Scarlet has been around for 3 Thanksgiving seasons now, and still is shipless!  Poor little thing.  So, this weekend, I busted out the good ole pattern and my box of felt to bust out the 3rd boat.

I thought I’d rekindle this old, quick tutorial just in case you missed it!

Here’s the inspiration (bottom right):

I used a sturdy brown felt, and cut out the pieces {pattern found here}
I blanket-stitched the two sides and the bottom together with orange embroidery floss…
if you don’t know how to blanket-stitch, it’s a cinch, maybe check out this tut{here}
Next I cut a small piece of that green floral foam to fit inside the boat (this makes it sturdy enough to hold up my sail….and hold the candy-corn!
I simply laid the last piece of felt on top of that green foam to hide it, and snipped a little hold in the middle where I wanted the sail to stick up.
Finally, I grabbed a dowel from Michaels and cut it at the desired length (mine are 10 inches)
The sail was made from tea-dyed Duck Fabric (sort of a stiff-canvasy type fabric).
I’m pretty sure the PBK version is made with some sort of cardstock…but I wanted mine to be able to stand the test of a roughneck tub in the garage year after year.  So, that’s why I went the fabric route.
I cut it into a 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch rectangle.  I stamped my kids names on the center with Stayz-On Ink and snipped the tiniest holes in the top section and bottom section and then yanked my dowel through.
That’s it!  Mine are ready for their candy corn treats!  num!
(You can find more pics at the original post, {here})
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