Halloween 2014: Wonder Woman

Halloween 2014: Wonder Woman


I love it when my kids have a solid idea of what they want to be for Halloween.  This year, all three of them knew EXACTLY what they wanted to be for months in advance.

And Ivy would be Wonder Woman.


This costume is 99% complete…we’re just missing our Wonder Woman logo patch which just wasn’t worth making by hand.  (I tried twice….don’t talk to me about it.)  🙂  When it comes, I’ll hand-stitch it into place on the leotard, but I wanted to try to get this up in time, just in case anyone else was trying to figure Wonder Woman out this year!ww3

My version was super easy.  I purchased a couple of key items, and then embellished them and cut the rest out of fun foam…perfect for a 1-night affair like Halloween!


I’ve included a tutorial as well as the pattern pieces that I made as I cut Ivy’s pieces out of the fun foam, if  you’re interested.  Also, I’ll list what I purchased (and where, just in case!)


-Red Metallic Leotard & Royal Blue Booty Shorts: {here}

-Super Hero Boots (with awesome Costumer Service) {here}

-Fun Foam: JoAnn Fabric and Craftsww6

Pattern Pieces: Wonder Woman Pattern

The break down:


To embellish the shorts with stars, I created my own stamp with supplies that I had on hand.  I used craft wood star cut-outs, an empty spool and fabric paint.ww7

I hot-glued two of the stars together, and then hot-glued the empty spool of thread on top of that to create the stamp.  Then stamped it in the paint and on the shorts.  Easy!  The stamp did turn out uneven, so I did have to go back with a little water-color paintbrush and fill in the stars.  ww8 ww9

The wrist bands are simple.  I just cut out the pattern I created on Silver Metallic fun foam (x 2)


Next, I trimmed a long piece of Velcro into two long skinny pieces, and sewed them onto the edges of the wrist band.  Fun foam is super easy to sew on!  Just make sure that your Velcro is on the correct sides of the fun foam so they will stick together when wrapped around the wrist.

PS, Ivy is 5…So, if it’s for you or a bigger kids, you’ll just need to make the pattern a little bigger!  same basic shape!ww14 ww15

To create her belt, I needed to sew a few sheets of metallic gold fun foam together.  So, I sewed three sheets together first, making sure that the center piece was on the top, and the two side pieces were underneath…ww11 ww12

Other than that, the belt is pretty self-explanatory…Cut out the pattern, and then I used Velcro in two different places on the belt, to make sure it didn’t unwrap throughout our night.  ww13

The crown, I just made using the same fun foam (and a fun foam star sticker) and hot-glued it to a metal headband we already had.  ww16

ww17Such an easy costume to pull together, but I think it looks really fun.  Ivy was thrilled with the result!

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