Halloween 2014: Izzy

Halloween 2014: Izzy



So I told you all the my kids always know exactly what they want to be for Halloween.  This little 2-year-old could not be swayed to be ANYTHING by Izzy.  And I’m guessing that if you don’t have a child that’s maybe 5 or under, you have no idea who Scarlet is dressed up as…huh?

Well, it’s a character from her favorite show called Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  It’s a really cute extension of the classic Peter Pan.  She didn’t want to be Anna or Elsa, she didn’t want to be Sophia (her other favorite character) She wanted to be Izzy!  I’m just sad that a lot of people will have no idea who she is…but she does!

Here she is:



So, Izzy’s pretty cool because the Fairies gave her a very special bag of Pixie Dust that she uses “only in emergencies.” So Scarlet is sporting her own little pouch of Pixie Dust.  The other cool thing about this costume is that Izzy is obviously a cartoon….which gives me a little bit of creative license to interpret as I’d like. The store-bought costumes weren’t my fav, and lots of the home-made ones just used a plain pink T-shirt…and I wanted to do something fun for Scarlet’s costume!



I had some size 5 purple leggings, that I just trimmed down to size 2…that was easy.  I bought her these brown pirate boot covers off of Amazon to cover some existing cowboy boots…I probably could have made these, but this was way easier!  I did make her shirt…

I loved {this} pattern and tutorial from Purl Bee.  (I totally plan on making a real version of this soon!)  I used a pink knit so that I could scallop the bottom without having to hem it.  I hand-stitched the loop-de-loops around the neck, and also on the matching bandana, and that’s it.  Easy!

So, as much as I wanted her to choose something totally unique and challenging to make, she made my life super easy this Halloween!

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