DIY Chore Charts

DIY Chore Charts

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After a whirlwind-awesome-busy summer, my kids are now on week 2 back at school, and I’m starting to feel a little more normal!  As much as I love summer and playing at the beach, and vacations and visitors, etc, I crave a schedule and consistency.  So, before school started I revamped an old chore chart to get us back in the habit of our daily checklist.  My kids love checking things off a list, right down to the very last item.  I thought I’d share two simple chore chart ideas, that are equally as easy, depending on what you have on hand!

exhibit A: The Dry Erase style Clipboard Chart with Vinyl


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I’ve had these 6″ x 12″ clipboards since last fall, and have been trying to scheme up something awesome to use them for.  Just slap some vinyl letter on there and you’re done.  Even if you don’t have these simple white clipboards, any plastic-y type clipboard will do the same things.  Just double check with a dry-erase marker that it will come off before going to the effort of putting all that vinyl on!

My kids have daily chores, but there are also those days where there are some extra things that need to get working on memorizing a line for a church program, or putting their folded clothes away, etc.  I left the blank spaces open for things like that.

The clipboard is great if they earn things for doing their chores, etc.

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exhibit B: Laminated Style Chart on a Classic Clipboard


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…Same idea, just totally simplified: and I must say, this is my favorite of the two.  I had a few classic clipboards laying around the house and I simply laminating a regular old sheet of card stock with their chores printed on them.  It’s easy enough to just re-print another one when their items change.  Again, I left spaces blank to fill in specific extra chores and Max actually has his reading log from school hidden under there which keeps all of his daily tasks in one neat place.

On another note, if you’re curious, the HUGE dollar bills are part of our award system over here.  Max earned a couple this morning, and the clipboard was the perfect place to stick his Big Bucks for when he got home.

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How do you deal with chores at your house?  Do you have any fabulous ideas you’d like to divulge!  Please, leave a comment and share!

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