Cotton Canvas Totes

Cotton Canvas Totes


Alright, I’m stuck somewhere in between a mom of babies and a mom of big kids.  I’ve got a crazy two-year old, still in diapers who needs a snack every now and again, or a book to help her endure long check out lines or Drs appointments, but I also have a couple of school-aged kids for whom I feel like I’m constantly toting something for…mouth guards, extra water bottles, the blanket to sit on while we wait for football practice to end, etc.  I’m not yet to the point where I can carry a dainty little clutch around, or even a small handbag.


I need a BAG.  I need to be able to stuff diapers, wipes, snacks, books, water  bottles, my wallet, cell phone, kindle, tic tacs, extra pens, a small notepad just in case, store coupons…guys, I don’t even know what else is in there! So, when my most recent purse was just too thrashed to carry on, I saw these great-looking canvas totes at Jo-Ann’s that I thought I’d give a try.  (You can’t find these at, so you’ll have to go in-store to check them out!



Here are my favorite things about this tote:

-It’s big but not too big.

I fit everything I need to in here, and still have a little extra room, but at the same time, I’m not carrying around my huge beach tote or XL park tote.  It’s the perfect size for my every-day, busy-mom mode.  I might feel a little bit like Mary Poppins as I pull my essentials out…it’s that awesome.


I like me some good pockets.  I need smaller pockets in front for my phone and keys, maybe for a pen or two.  I want to be able to get at them easily, and always know where they are.  I like some pockets on the sides for extra things, and pockets inside to help organize my life…and this tote has it all!

-The Prints.

These totes come in 4 different prints that are all pretty fun…but not too flashy  I like my camo one (Probably especially because my son LOVES to play ‘army-guys’ and is obsessed with all things camo) but I also had my eye on the leopard one that’s trimmed with a good purple color.  You’ll have to check them out.

-It’s versatility.

Holy big word for me, but it’s true!  Not only is this my purse right now…my every day bag…but I can see myself stuffing it with the things I’d need for a quick trip to the beach while the kids are at school.  Or, the bag I’d take for a day at Disneyland, or a field trip.  Or, to put my yoga mat in, a sweatshirt and a water bottle to go to the gym.  A day trip…or a craft project night.  It’s my go-to right now, and I’m pretty excited about it!




In case you haven’t seen these around, you can only get them IN-store at Joann’s.  And in order to purchase one, you have to make a purchase of $30 or more.  My cotton canvas tote was $9.99 with a $30 purchase.  Anyway…have you seen these?  Do you have one?  Do you love it?

tell me!

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