Boho Peplum

Boho Peplum

I know you are probably wondering if I have dropped off the planet, but I am still here.  Life has just been so busy and crazy the past couple of months that sewing has slid to the bottom of the priority list.  Now that we are getting used to the new school schedule, I am determined to be more organized and make sewing time happen again.  I notice a difference in how I feel when I don’t make time for creativity.

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This past summer (who am I kidding it is still summer here!) I really wanted to make a flowy, white boho dress.  (Check out my Pinterest board to see some of my favorite boho dresses.)  It took me a while, but I finally drafted a pattern and decided to make a peplum top as my muslin. That is as far as I got- I never did get around to making the dress… 🙁   Next year, perhaps?

Boho Peplum 2

It was actually quite an experiment, and I learned a lot.  I have never really drafted anything like this before.  I designed the pattern so that the lace connects each pattern piece, rather than sewn on top of the seams.  I used some gorgeous cotton that I picked up a couple of years ago in LA at Robert Textiles on 9th Street, one of the only (small) places there that carries cottons.  I bought the lace in bulk at FIDM Scholarship Store, also a couple of years ago.

Boho Peplum 5

I like how it turned out, but it has its issues.  If I make the dress, I definitely need to make some changes to the pattern.  I first wore it with a pencil skirt, and when I looked back at the pictures, realized that it was not a great pairing.  It definitely looks better with skinny jeans/boots than anything else.  I think Fall needs to come to SoCal soon so I can wear this again.

Boho Peplum 3

So, the issues:

  • It is just a little too big.  I like it flowy, but there is a fine line with pleasantly loose and just too much fabric.  I think it would really be cute with some sort of cardigan or jacket over it to help.
  • The sleeves aren’t my favorite.   Originally I made wide, loose, dolman sleeves.  I HATED the way they looked with everything else so loose too.  So I tacked them up and like them a bit better.  But I think I tacked them up too high, which is a little awkward.  This I can fix so I may do it before I wear it again.  But I think I would do a set in sleeve next time.
  • Originally, there was just one panel going down the front, with no lace under the bust.  I added that later, when it looked really funny.

Boho Peplum 4

So there you have it.  Sometimes you make something that just doesn’t match up to your vision.  You win some, you lose some.  This one isn’t a total loss, but didn’t quite meet expectations.





Happy Sewing!



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