red white and bling

red white and bling

I’ve been loving on Jen’s recent Pajama bottom pattern that she posted a little while ago {here}.

I’ve been itching to make my Ivy a couple of pairs, but when I saw the fold-over elastic

with the stars on it, I jumped right on that pattern!

I also grabbed some red and white knit that I thought went well, and before I knew it,

I was sewing a little pair of jammies for Wonder Woman’s kid.

redwhiteandbling4a copy


redwhiteandbling3 copy

I started out with the top mostly because I couldn’t resist using that fold-over elastic any longer.  It’s a really quick and easy top that’ll just take a you a minute!

1. Cut 2 of the pattern pieces.

Red White and Bling Tank Pattern

red white and striped top 1

2. With RST, either serve or sew up both side seams

red white and striped top 2 red white and striped top 3

Next you’ll finish off the top and make the straps of the tank top with the fold-over elastic.

3. Measure around your girlie’s chest to get the right length of elastic.  This stuff is just stretchy enough to make it fit, but doesn’t have a crazy amount of give, so it might be best to measure using the actual elastic so she’ll know what it will feel like (versus measuring her with a measuring tape, and then converting.)  Ivy’s pretty picky about how things feel!  I cut a 23 1/4″ length of my elastic

red white and striped top 4

4. with RST stitch the elastic together…eww, my stitching is totally ugly in this picture, sorry!

red white and striped top 5

5. Next mark your elastic as well as the top of your tank top into 4 sections with either disappearing ink or a chalk pen.

red white and striped top 6

6. Making sure that the front of your elastic is facing the front of your top (and not the inside), pin at each marking.  See Below.

red white and striped top 7

7. Beginning at the seam at the back of the elastic, and using a zig-zag stitch, work your way around the tank top, gently pulling on the elastic, and not the knit fabric.  Be sure that your fabric is staying sandwiched in between the folded elastic.

red white and striped top 8 red white and striped top 9

8. Next cut your straps.  I tried the top on Ivy and then measured where we needed the straps to be…Hers were 11 inches, and then I added another 1/2 inch on for overlap on each side.

red white and striped top 10

9. Fold over your straps and stitch along the open edge to finish them off.



red white and striped top 11

10. Next, pin the straps in place and stitch them down in front and back with a neat little square.


red white and striped top 12red white and striped top 13


11.  Lastly, I hemmed the top with my magical knit stay tape and then added some frilly stretch lace to girl it up a little.


red white and striped top14


redwhiteandbling8 copy


Now on to the shorties.  I think Ivy died and when to heaven with the bling we had going on.

redwhiteandbling6 copy

I kept the shorties simple to go with the top, but their isn’t anything wrong with a little bling, especially when it comes to a girlie-girl.  PS, it was soooo easy and fun to add the bling.  seriously.

So, follow Jen’s easy tutorial on the pajama bottoms {here}

and then…bling-age is as simple as this: (no special tools required, just an iron!)

redwhiteandbling5 copy

1. cut out your letters:

big bling 1

2. Take off the backing and place it where you’d like it.

big bling 2_edited-1


The directions were basically the same for the stars as they were for the letters:

big bling 3

3. Put an ironing cloth on top, and iron it in a circular motion for 30 seconds.


big bling 4

4. Take off the outer plastic…done!

big bling 5

Want to get more ideas to bling?  (I’m on board now, I’m all over it!)  Take a look at The Big Bling on the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores website for fun ideas and projects for kids and tweens alike.  Jo-Ann is also hosting a weekly Instagram contest where you can win a $200 gift card to Jo-Ann!  All you have to do to enter is post a project with the #TheBigBling hashtag that coincides with the weekly theme and you’re in!

Big Bling Logo

 redwhiteandbling7 copy



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