4 Quarters Skirt Tutorial

4 Quarters Skirt Tutorial

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Photo Credit: Alaina Pierce Photography

I’ve been all about wearing skirts the past few weeks, as it’s been un-seasonable hot around these parts.  May and June are usually pretty gloomy, but I actually went IN the water when I was at the beach this weekend…

4 quarters front copy

Anyway, so I’ve been on a skirt kick, whipping all sorts of skirts in my spare time, and I thought I’d share one quick idea with you!  I was nervous that my evil plan wasn’t going to work, so while I was sewing this first one up, I didn’t take any pics for a tut.  But I loved the way it turned out, so, even though I don’t have pics to help you along the way, I did write out a little blue print with a diagram or two (hello old-school) to help you out.  It’s really simple, you could probably figure it out on your own!

4 quarters pocket copy

You can download the pattern here: 4 quarters skirt pattern

4 quarters trim copy

Basically, this skirt is 4 sections: 3 parts 1 fabric, and 1 part another coordinating fabric.  Add a couple of fun trims and a pocket, and you’re done!  You can skip the trims and skip the pocket, and just use the pattern to create a simple 4-pieced pattern.  Here’s the diagram:

4quarter instructions

Also, originally, I had a yoga waistband on this skirt.  It was striped and it was so cute, but I got it at a cheap store up in LA, so the quality of the knit didn’t hold it’s elasticity, so after I wore my skirt once, I ripped it out, and just made a simple casing with an elastic as shown.  Either was is great, I just love the comfort of a knit yoga band! So, here are two tutorials on a waistband, so you can pick your poison!

Yoga Band Tutorial: {here}

Casing Waistband Tutorial: {here} …note, this is for  a child’s skirt, but the idea is exactly the same (and I still cut my fabric to be 6 inches).  In this case, I’d just switch the order around.  I’d create the casing for the waist band before sewing the last  two sides together, and end by hemming the bottom of the skirt.

PS: I am a size 4(ish).  In jeans, I’m a 27…so this pattern will fit that size.  BUT, it would be an easy adjustment to make bigger!  If you add 1/4″ to one side of the pattern, you would add an entire inch to the waist band of the skirt (4 pieces with an extra 1/4″)  Or you can add a 1/2″ if you need it bigger…

DSC_6527_sharp copy
Photo Credit: Alaina Pierce Photography

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  2. Your creations are darling! both adult and children!
    My question, how do you determine the width of the skirt panels, such as in the 4 quarter skirt?? Thank you!

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