DIY Market Sign

DIY Market Sign

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Ever since I found these old-school cupboard doors on the side of the road, I’ve been itching to do this easy little project.  The only thing I had to buy was a piano hinge, much like {this one} from Home Depot.  And, other than the paint drying time, it was a really quick project!

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Here’s my dumpster find: aren’t they rad!?  Who throws things like this away?!  I have a garage full of random cupboard doors that, as you know, I love making things with for lots of occasions, but these were a horse of a different color, and I couldn’t resist them when I saw them.  (I have two more!!)

Since they were exactly the same dimensions, I thought I’d make a little market sign, like they have sitting out front of cute little restaurants and boutiques…and it was just in time for my Scarlet’s birthday.

market sign a

Supplies I used:

2 cupboard doors

turquoise paint

Chalkboard Spray Paint

Blue Painter’s Tape

A 12 inch Piano Hinge from the Home Depot {here}


You guys all know the painting part of this project, so I’ll skim right over it:

Fist, I painted the sides of the cupboard doors, leaving the middle empty, as I wanted to make it a chalkboard sign.

market sign b

Next, I (painstakingly) taped off the crazy curves of the trim, and then spray painted with chalkboard paint, the inside of the cupboard door.

market sign c

Once the tape was removed, I went back through and re-touched the seepage with a tiny paint brush (I still have more work do in that department!)

market sign d

Once painted, I was ready to install the piano hinge, which I had never done before.  The key was to know which way the hinge lays flat, and install it that way…  I wanted my sign to be able to close and store flat.  So I had to make sure that the hinge was flipped correctly when I drilled it into place.  Below, the hinge is laying flat, with one side of it underneath the side that is showing; I made sure to screw that underside layer down onto the back side of my first cupboard door.

Make sure I measured evenly from both sides of the cupboard door…

market sign e

Mark where your holes are…

market sign f

And then drill pilot holes according to the directions on your hinge.  My pilot holes were 1/16.

market sign g

Next, open up your hinge and screw once side into place.

market sign h market sign i

Then turn the cupboard doors around and repeat for the other side…

market sign k

If it doesn’t lay flush, you may want to go back and turn your hinge around so that it does!

market sign l

I wanted to keep the original hardware, because it gave it character, so, I re-screwed those in place as my final step.

market sign m

This is a very simple project, and I was lucky to find these enchanting doors, but this project could be just as cute using regular cupboard doors, or even plain pieces of wood.  I have decorative chalkboard signs that I’ve made in the past, but the fun thing about this one is that you don’t have to have anything to hang it by…it will stand alone all by itself!  I hope this EASY tut inspires you to make something similar!

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