Girl Charlee Fabrics

Girl Charlee Fabrics

Not all knits are created equal!

Living somewhat close to the LA fabric district, I’ve purchased my fair share of poor-quality knits.  It’s a bummer!  Even if they have awesome patterns, or the exact right size of stripe you’re after, if you’re not using a high-quality knit, your project will end up not being high-quality.

remember this maxi?  I love it… but the knit was such poor quality that it didn’t hold it’s elasticity.  Needless to say, it may have fallen off me once while getting my kids out of the car.  Yes…straight down to my ankles.  That’s embarrassing!

Anyways, since then, I fixed the problem by replacing the waistband with a higher-quality knit…but bottom line, use a high-quality knit to begin with.

And here’s the place: Girl Charlee Fabrics

It’s iCandy’s fav!

Girl Charlee has so many fabrics to choose from, it’s so fun to just peruse their site.  Need a print with foxes?  got it.  Need the perfect black and white stripe for an upcoming project? Girl Charlee.   And…the plus side?  They are all high-quality knits!  Check them out:


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