DIY Babies: StraightGrain

DIY Babies: StraightGrain

Hi everyone, I’m An from StraightGrain. I’m a bogger and pattern designer from Belgium, and I’m thrilled to be part of this great series Jen and Autie are hosting! I had a baby almost 7 months ago, so in the past few months I’ve been sewing up quite some baby projects.

In fact, I just launched a baby pattern yesterday: the Lua Sleep Sack.

In today’s tutorial, I’m showing how you can use this pattern to make a fun colorblocked sleep sack.

Tutorial: Colorblocked sleep sack
Instead of using 1 fabric for the front and back, I used a combination of 5 solids. All are part of Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture Solids line (bought here and here).

The pattern comes with the option to use a decorative piping detail in the front, but because there is already enough going on with the different color blocks, I left the piping out (simply by using the front lining pattern for the main front).

1. I divided my front and back pattern pieces into different blocks of uneven size. Above and below each line I drew, I wrote a reminder to myself to add seam allowance in the next step (in red).

2. I cut out the different blocks, and pinned them on different pieces of fabric. I cut each piece out, adding seam allowance where I indicated in step 1 that this was necessary.

3. I puzzled and stitched all the different pieces together, and pressed open the seam allowance.

4. When a light an a dark fabric met, I pressed the seam allowance up towards the darker piece, so that it wouldn’t be visible throught the light fabric.

5. Finally, I could assemble the sleep sack in just the same way as when using just 1 fabric.

I made the sleep sack a size too big, so Ava can still wear it next Winter.
As far as I could tell, Ava was very happy with her new sleep sack. It didn’t seem to bother her at all that she kind of looked like a giant popsicle!  🙂

Thank you so much for having me here, Jen and Autie, and all the best with baby Isabella!

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