DIY Babies: Frances Suzanne

DIY Babies: Frances Suzanne

Hi iCandy readers!! We are so very excited to join you in welcoming “Baby Isabella” to Jen’s family….what an honor.

When Jen asked if we’d be interested in sharing something “baby related” with you, we knew we had to do this post… see, our sister is expecting {with baby #3….another girl}, and this would insure that our newest niece wouldn’t just have well-loved clothing from her big sisters!! Instead, this little project held us accountable to have some new goodies ready…..just for her…


Today, we thought we’d share an easy-peasy way to make sleep sacques using onesies and 1/2 yard of fabric. Cheap. Easy. Quick. Done!



Cut an 18 x 30″ piece of fabric from the 1/2 yard purchased.

**Disclaimer: We were going for speed and ease, therefore not cutting any length from the 1/2 yard of fabric. If you would like your sleep sacque to not be quite as long {which would probably be better}, just don’t invest in 1/2 yard of material!

PressSeamOpenPrepare the onesie for the gathered sacque attachment. Set aside.


Now, back to the sacque portion……


Moving on to the hem and elastic casing area….


TadaAnd, since onesies come in packs…..we did another version in knit – same process, same style, same way. **Remember when sewing with knits to use a zig-zag stitch, as well as a ballpoint needle.**

Tomorrow, we will be sharing a fun way to use the above-mentioned supplies on a onesie dress! We’d love for you to join us at Frances Suzanne for another cheap. easy. quick. project for the sweet babies in your life. Perfect for the busy mother, blogger, and gift-giver!!

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  1. Very cute and easy!

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