DIY Babies: Max California

DIY Babies: Max California

Hello! It’s Ari from Max California, and while my babies are not really babies anymore (1.5 and 4.5!) I think I am still qualified to participate in this great series by Autie and Jen! Usually I sew for my children, my son Vincent and my daughter Edison. My son is really muse when it comes to thinking up amazing new projects, as I always feel the boy sector of sewing and blogging is still pretty under-represented and I love making him amazing things! My favourite item would have to be the Sergeant Pepper-inspired military jacket.

However I have gotten used to sewing for girls, and even though I don’t really love the super girly girly pink pink frills look (only occasionally) i do enjoy trying to make my daughter edgy little clothes! Like when I made her a Norah tunic out of batman fabric

For this DIY Babies series, though, I couldn’t really think of anything I could make that hasn’t been done before! There are so many great baby things you can make and buy, and although not all of it is super useful when you do have a baby (I didn’t even use my pram with Edison! I carried her!). I wanted to sew something cute and little but I have lately been more inspired in making my house into a pretty home, so today I’m going to show you how to make this pom pom mobile for baby’s room! It is quite inexpensive to make and very easy!

You’re going to need a few things:
A stick! This one I just found in my backyard, haha
Spray paint. I used white, but I was also considering fluorescent pink or gold!
Embroidery thread, or thick wool, whatever you want really!
Some scrap fabric. I used white fleece so that the little birds were a little puffy and I didn’t need to stuff them or anything.
Pompoms! You can find these on eBay for like $3 for 100!

First off, I spraypainted the stick white! It was outside drying while I was doing the rest, so go do that!

Next I drew a small duck/bird/thing shape on some paper. I drew it the size that I wanted it to be, then pinned it the scrap fabric and made sure to leave about a centimeter seam allowance all around it while I cut it out. You’re going to need two pairs of the duck bird things! I was going to upload the template I used but it’s not fantastic! You could easily google a bird silhouette!

Right sides together, stitch around them leaving a gap at the bottom so you can turn it back out. I trimmed the seam allowance on the one on the left there so you can see the difference.

Turn your birds the right way out and pinch the bottom of them, hand-stitching them closed. I made sure the raw edges were tucked inside before I stitched and I used just a simple slip stitch!

Get your embroidery thread and give your little birdees some eyes and maybe some wings. Really you can do what you like! I just knotted the thread on both sides of the bird’s head for some little eyeballs.

And the wings are like, arrow-ish. But here’s my two birdees! Again, you can really do what you like. Use patterned fabric, embroider awesome stuff on the birds, make more than two! Whatever!

Get your white embroidery thread (you can even use dental floss or fishing line or wool!). Thread it onto a big needle, like a darning needle (it helps if it is a little sharp) and start threading through the pom poms. Place a bird on wherever you like! Make a knot in the bottom of the string so they don’t slide off, but really, these bad boys don’t move on the thread (unless inquisitive little fingers thing they look fun!).

I made three strands! You can buy pom pom garlands on ebay and what not, but it’s cheaper and quite quick to make your own!

Get your white stick and tie the tops of the strands to it. Then cut yourself a good length of embroidery thread/string and tie it to each end of the stick so you can hang it up!

You can hang it on the wall like these photos, or hang it from the ceiling! I just used a little thumb tack for now, but you can use a hook or a nail or what not!

And Edison’s view from her bed!

Thanks for having me! I’d love to see if you make any! Please let me know if you do!

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