Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Hi shirt 3 copy

Little League Baseball Season is getting started around these parts, and one of my favorite things to do to get ready for the season is to make team shirts for my little girls to wear to my older son’s games.

This year, my son is on the University of Hawaii Warriors!  Fun, huh?   I’ve seen some shirts similar to this floating around our elementary school, so what better reason to make a Hawaii shirt than to root on our favorite ball player?

Hi shirt copy

I thought I’d share a couple of the shirts that I’ve made in the past, for both football and baseball teams my son has played on.  Some are just plain…but I do have a few favorites!

Dallas Cowboys:  (we made sweatshirts, but since so many people wanted them, we ended up getting them screen printed…aren’t they awesome?!)

Cheer Shirts 2 copy

Chapman Panthers….and one of my very favorites from our first year of T-ball: The University of Oregon Ducks.  Attention UofO people…this shirt is so rad, you need to start selling them!

Cheer Shirts copy

Another one of my favorites: the Buccaneers:  (get it?)

Cheer Shirts 6 copy

Most of the shirts I make are just done with my Cricut and the good ole freezer paper method.  It’s been done and done again, so I won’t share at how-to unless someone needs it…but here are my steps for Ivy’s new UofH glitter tank:

Cut the freezer paper, iron it onto the shirt, and use fabric paint to fill in the negative space.  (I mixed black and green together to get this color)

Cheer Shirts 3

Once the paint has dried, remove the freezer paper, and then using Fabric Glitter bond and Fabric Glitter, outline the letters (and islands) with the glue, and then quickly follow it with the glitter.

Cheer Shirts 4 Cheer Shirts 5 copy

Hi shirt 2 copyAloha!

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