DIY Polka-Dot TOMS

DIY Polka-Dot TOMS


Have you seen these…I’ve been wanting them!

My friend/neighbor has them, so I’ve been putting them off, but I finally  decided that it was OK to have twin shoes.


I went to the store, all ready to take the plunge (TOMS aren’t cheap, right?)  and they were out of my size…and actually they didn’t have this color, they only had a sort of cream color.  So, I got to thinking…maybe I could just polka-dot my own, and not pay for the spots!  I bought a plain pair of Gray (I wear gray all the time), which were WAY cheaper, and went for it.


What I used:

-A clear plastic ruler

-erasable fabric pen

-white matte fabric paint

-a nail head


So I grabbed my friend’s pair of shoes to copy so I could measure the distance between the dots and the size of the dots.   (even though I’m making a knock-off, I don’t want anybody to know!)   They were spaced a barely over a 1/2 inch apart (I chose to just do a half inch, or lose my sanity) and I found a nail head in a bucket that had a head right about the right size.


Using my clear plastic ruler and an erasable marker, I mapped out where my spots would be placed.  I didn’t dare try to do it on the fly.  The great thing about marking them first is that if I put a spot in the wrong place…I can just wipe it away later!

After I covered the entire shoe in blue spots, I grabbed my old pair of TOMS and my nail to try out a few paint spots.

(These have a hole in them, so I didn’t care if I ruined them, I wanted to see how the paint took to the fabric, and I also wanted to test out dipping once in the paint, versus double dipping.  The verdict was: NO double-dipping!  Each dot needed to directly come from the paint!


Next, I went over all the blue spots with the paint and nail head.  The first coat, you can still see the blue marker showing through a little…

toms2 copy 2

Another round of paint covered the blue up nicely.

I DO need to go back through with a squirt bottle and the few mis-spots I made with my marker, but I was too excited to wear them!  I’ll do it later!  Aren’t they fun?!  Are you going to try?!?

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