Party Pennant (easy trick)

Party Pennant (easy trick)


Party Pennant99a copy

I’ve been wanting to make one of these tablecloths with the pennant attached for a while, but it’s been at the bottom of my priority list.  But I recently got a new position at our church, to work with the little kids ages 3-11 (which I’m really excited about, by the way) and I thought I’d make one to liven up our little primary room.

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I don’t know how other people have made these in the past.  But, I do know a little trick that made this super easy, using lightweight fusible interfacing.  This cuts out the hemming, the raw edges (tablecloths get washed!) and the skewed and folded flags that could happen when you fold and unfold it often.  The flags on this banner are stitched down and all the edges are finished.

Here’s my trick…

First of all, cut your fabric into triangles.  I just use my angled rotary ruler to cut a bunch of triangles on a 45 degree angle.  Mine are about 7 inches long on the long side. (I cut 12 for my tablecloth)

You also, then need to cut your lightweight fusible interfacing into the same size triangles.

Party Pennant1a


Next, with the fusible side of the interfacing (the bumpy side) facing the RIGHT side of your triangle, DO NOT IRON, but stitch together all the way around…Don’t leave any holes to turn inside out.  Just stitch all the way around the perimeter of each of your flags.


Party Pennant2a Party Pennant3a

Next, snip off each of the corners of your flags to give you the perfect pointed edge after you turn them right-side-out.

Party Pennant4a

Then, nicely pull the interfacing away from the fabric like this:

Party Pennant5a

and carefully snip a little line through the interfacing, being careful not to cut your fabric in the process.

Party Pennant6a

Then turn the flag right-side-out…

Party Pennant7a Party Pennant8a

This is what you should have…and now the fusible (or bumpy side of the interfacing should be facing out!)

Party Pennant9a

You can’t iron your flags yet, because they’ll stick to your ironing board, so, first figure out placement on your tablecloth.  (I just bought a plain white one from home goods, but you could find one at Goodwill or DI or, just use a piece of fabric!)

The blue line you see is the line that indicates the top edge of my table.

Party Pennant91a

Arrange them the way you want and then pin them in place.

Party Pennant92a

The next step is to iron them into place.  They should adhere to the tablecloth…

Party Pennant93a

…but to make them stay permanently, I stitched around the edges of each after they were ironed into place.

Party Pennant94a

Next use a piece of bias tape, ribbon, or whatever you have, and stitch it to the tablecloth right above each flag so it looks like it’s a hanging banner.

Party Pennant95a

Party Pennant96a

I’m excited to have a fun and bright tablecloth that I can use at the drop of a hat!

Party Pennant97 acopy


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