DIY Sushi Gift Idea

DIY Sushi Gift Idea

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I know it’s after the gift-giving season, but I had to share one of the fun gifts that my family received this year for Christmas.  It was so fun to open this present from my Brother and his wife Katie with the message on my phone telling me that if I needed help figuring it out to call her.

Well, there was no chance I was going to call her, but it did take me a second to figure out exactly what it was that I was opening.

This take-out box was wrapped up in Christmas paper…

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My Brother did serve a Mission for our Church in South Korea, so I figured I’d have him de-code the writing on the box afterwards.  (I think this happens to be Japanese afterall, he must have gotten it from Google!)

…and inside…

a way better way to receive a gift card to the Sushi restaurant of our choice.  Isn’t that such a fun gift?  This was way more fun that opening an envelope with a gift card inside, and the puzzle was fun, too.  Katie wrapped up some felt scraps with some white felt or thin batting to act as the rice, and then followed that by wrapping each piece in a five-dollar bill piece of seaweed, secured with a rubberband.

So fun, I had to share it with you!  Katie and Chad, your guys are so awesome!


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…and as honorable mention, our new neighbors dropped this cute little something by on Christmas Eve.


Stash that away on your Pinterest boards for next year!

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I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying some time with your families!  This time of year just flies by!  it’s a gorgeous 70 something degrees here, so we’re off to hit the beach today!


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