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A little while ago, I purchased a pattern from Joann’s called KWIK SEW: Made to Match.  One of those patterns that has both the pattern for your little girl, but also for your little girl’s 18 inch doll, which is just magical!

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I tried it out on some of my favorite old Amy Butler fabric that I’ve been hoarding for the perfect project because I love it so much.  (do you guys do that…buy a fabric, and then totally not want to use it because it’s so yummy?  You just want to look at it, and let it sit there folded on your shelf.  It scares me that I do this!)

Anyways, I wanted to tell you that I tried out that pattern, and I love the dress, I loved the pattern and instructions, and I thought I’d post it as a little reminder that this just might be the perfect gift for a certain someone you know…Ivy was elated to be matchy matchy with her little Emily…  You’ve still go time for a handcrafted Christmas!

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PS, this particular pattern was called Abigail & Little Abby, KWIK SEW pattern #K3905

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  1. Thanks for the free patterns!!! I don’t now how i can get the free pattern abigail abby KWIK SEW # K3905

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