The Legend of Ranger

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Jen and I love children’s books!  We both love to read, and we both think it’s so important to instill that love of books in each of our children.

I shared with you, a couple of years ago, our little Children’s Book Christmas Count down Tradition {here #1}, {here #2} and {here#3} but we recently had the opportunity to check out a new Christmas book that just hit the shelves.  The Legend of Ranger The Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly by Alan Salisbury.  I was excited to read this one to my kids because for the most part, I have my favorite Christmas books that I read year after year.  I’ve slowly been building up my collection, and weeding our the ones in my “24” that aren’t my absolute favorite.  I was excited to read them one they hadn’t heard before, and excited because it had chapters, so I thought we could stretch it out over a couple of nights.

Well, that idea didn’t work because after reading the first two chapters, and telling them that it was time to be done for the night, they begged me to read ‘just one more.’  Well, one more, turned into two more, etc, etc.  they made me read the whole thing, and they loved it.

Then my favorite part, we got the book on CD, which also has Ranger’s song on it, and now a week later, we’ve listened to the story in the car about 5 times, and I keep getting requests to turn it on again and again.

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It’s a darling story about believing in yourself and the power that we each have within ourselves to accomplish great things.  It’s a nice change from the stories solely about Santa Claus.

If you’re interested in the Legend of Ranger the Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly, go {here}

or, if you want to check out their website, click (here)

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