Floral Embellished Trees

Floral Embellished Trees

Floral Trees Group

For years, now, I have wanted to make some cone trees.  When I was in Aruba, in our hotel, there was a jewelry shop that I would walk by every day multiple times.  In one of the display windows, was this beautiful cone tree covered in faux roses.  It was beautiful.  So I thought I would recreate that look with some holiday flowers.

Red Floral Tree

I went to Michaels and found some beauties in the floral dept.  They were on sale, so that was nice too.  I bought three sizes of styrofoam cones, and just used a glue gun.

White Cropped Floral Tree


This was the perfect project for December craziness.  It can be finished in one night. (Except if you don’t buy enough flowers like I did- I actually underestimated and had to go back TWICE! It was super annoying.)

White Floral Tree

I have a lot of shiny aqua ornaments, so when I found this fun shimmery greenish-aqua greenery, I was excited to try it.  I really like how it turned out, it adds a nice mix of textures to the grouping.  It is definitely not perfect, and this photo shows all the flaws, but it looks really nice.

Aqua Floral Tree


To make these, just buy some cones, way more flowers than you think you need, (you can always return what you don’t use) and bust out your glue gun.

Speaking of glue guns, I bought this cordless one while I bought this other stuff, and was super excited about it.  Little did I know how fast it would eat up batteries! I went through 12 AA batteries to do this project!  Super crazy.  I either need rechargeable ones or go back to one with a cord.

Here are a few photos of my process to make these, but you probably could figure it out…  just glue and stick.

Supplies Floral Tree

Materials: Glue Stick, Flowers, (I used about twice that for the big white one), cones

Start Floral Tree

Pull your flowers off the stems.  Starting at the bottom, glue them onto the cone.  I placed them about 1/2″ apart and just went around and around the cones.  I used the smaller petals for the top.  For the red one, I left the flower centers in, and just put a dab of glue on the cone, then stuck the little end into the glue and cone.

Green Start Floral Tree

The greenery one was a bit trickier, I just started layering the branches, starting at the bottom.  I just kept layering all the way to the top.

For the top, I glued three small branches together so it was like a little teepee, then glued that right on top.  (Sorry no photo)

Green Floral Tree Process


There are so many possibilities! Both times I went back to buy more flowers, I kept seeing other colors and styles and thinking that I wanted to keep making more.

You could use this idea for other holidays as well!

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