DIY Easy Felt Manger

DIY Easy Felt Manger

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My daughter, Scarlet, who is 20 months came home from her Nursery class at church with the most darling manger ever!

Of course, my best friend Jillonnie is one of her Nursery teachers, so I knew that of course it had come from her, but I just had to share it because it was so simple, but cute.  Perfect for your tiny ones to play with.

felt manger2 copy



2 craft sticks

1 popsicle stick

2 brown felt triangles

2 cuts of white felt

1 tiny circle of flesh-colored felt

some hot glue

felt manger 3 copy


The construction is pretty easy to figure out if you examine the pictures, but you basically make a little pocket our of the brown felt with hot glue, and attach it to the craft sticks.

Then you make a little baby Jesus out of the popsicle stick and the white and flesh-colored felt.

Scarlet now knows where baby Jesus goes, and enjoys putting him in and taking him out.


felt manger 4 copy

What’s awesome about this little project is that you probably have this stuff on hand to whip up, real fast. I love those kind of projects.

fun idea, huh?

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