DIY Burlap Christmas Trees

DIY Burlap Christmas Trees

Burlap trees5a


It’s finally time for the December portion of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Celebrate the Season Campaign!  My theme for this month was #fabulouslyfestive and we were to come up with a craft with that in mind.

Well, if you recall, Jen and I don’t live in the same city anymore, and since she’s moved, we don’t get to see each other as much, nor talk as much.  But great minds think alike afterall, because last week she posted an awesome tutorial on Floral trees using styrofoam cones, and those cones were exactly my inspiration for this project, as I perused the Jo-Ann’s aisles deciding exactly what I was going to make that was fabulous and festive.

And as we all know, burlap is everywhere and in every color, so I thought I’d try that out on the cones to make burlap Christmas trees.

burlap trees1a


I rooted them with small wooden spools and Sugar ‘n Cream yarn (my fake bakers twine) and topped them off with craft wire and painted wooden stars.  I think they look pretty cute as a set of three.

burlap trees2a


As is the case for most of my projects, this was quick and easy, and really doesn’t require a ton of skill or brain power to do….so, if you want to know how I did it, and if you want to know the proper way to cut burlap…read on!

Supplies needed for the Tree and roots:

-3 styrofoam cones ( I had 2-11 7/8′ cones and 1-14 7/8″ cones)

-Burlap ( I used the classic brown and a fun green)

-either styrofoam clue (found at Jo-Ann’s right by the cones) or hot glue

-scissors…for some reason I put my rotary cutter in this picture…you don’t need it!  you need scissors!

-wooden spools



Ok, so now for the proper way to cut the burlap so you get a nice straight edge and no random ‘threads’ coming off in every direction.  This may be a ‘duh’ tip for some of you, but I’m pretty sure not everyone knows how to do this!

First, you need to start with a straight edge!  So, as in the picture below, find a thread along the selvage that goes the entire length your cut of burlap.



Gently pull it.  As you do this, it will gather the burlap, and you need to just carefully ease that string your pulling all the way out by scooting that ‘ruffle’ down.  If you break the string, that’s OK…just find it again down the trail it leaves, and use a straight pin to fish it out again.


Once you have your initial straight edge, you’ll want to repeat this same process every inch and a half.  This will leave little tracks in your burlap every 1 1/2 inches.  These are your guidelines for where to cut (ps, I used about 3 lengths for each of my smaller cones, and about 5 lengths of burlap for the larger one)

Use your scissors and cut along these little tracks!  This is the proper way to cut burlap!  woo hoo!



Next you want a little fringe for your trees.  It’s easy to scoot a few strands of out one edge of your strips…I removed 3-4 strips on each.


Next, you start gluing.  I found that wrapping the strips around in a spiral didn’t look very nice because of the shape of the cone, so I did one row at a time.  Start by adding a strip of styrofoam glue (or hot glue) around the bottom of the cone.


and then securing a strip of burlap around it.  Trim the strip when the strip overlaps where you started, and then push in a straight pin through both layers to secure it while it’s drying.


Lather, rinse, repeat all the way until you get about an inch or two from the top…


When you get near the top, cut a little square to cover the top of your cone.


Put some glue on the top, place the square on top of it, and then fold it down and around the tip like so:  (you may need a little more glue here)



Next, wrap your last strip of burlap around the tree at sort of an angle ending at the back so it makes the nice angle to be seen from the front.



It’s a pretty quick process, so do it on all three cones…

-not shown:

I painted my spools white using craft paint, and then hot glued them onto the bottom center of each cone as the trunk.



Next, I purchased 19 gauge craft wire and a small bag of various sized wooden craft stars from Jo-Anns.  I pained the stars silver and drilled a tiny hole in the bottom of the star.



Using a pencil, I wrapped the wire to create a curly-q




I fed one end through my pre-drilled hole, and stuck the other end of the wire straight down into the styrofoam.  Easy!

Seriously, this project was so slick, I’d be willing to make a whole forest!


burlap trees3a burlap trees4a



If you’d like to bust this inexpensive project out real fast before the Holidays, here’s a coupon to make it even cheaper!



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