Several months ago, my husband started to plan a getaway for us, no kids. We hadn’t taken a trip really, since our honeymoon.  He planned the whole thing and didn’t tell me where we were going.  It was so fun to have this big surprise to look forward to.

So two weeks ago, we hopped on a red eye and landed in Atlanta, where we had to catch our connecting flight.  It was then that I found out where I was going.  Aruba!



It was dreamy.  Relaxing.  A whole week to just lay in the sun.

I really needed this.

Too bad it seems like a distant memory now!  Funny how that is.  🙂

Aruba is a really unique island.  It is a small island in the Caribbean, just north of Venezuela.  It is a Dutch island.  The natives speak dutch, papiamento (a creole language), and spanish, among other languages.  It was really interesting exploring the island and seeing how the locals lived.  It is a bit of a desert island and my husband chose it for the great weather this time of year.  It isn’t in the hurricane belt- so that was a key factor.

Oh, the beaches.


This was a secluded little gem on the north side of the island.  We had to drive our dinky little rental car over some sketchy dirt roads to get here.  I was worried we would get stuck but we made it!


tree IMG_3211

Fun  random snorkeling spot.  Beautiful clear water.


Same beach as the rocky one above, someone built a little hut.


This beach was another secluded beach.  It was also only accessible by some really crazy dirt roads.


A lot of the island looked like this.  A bit rocky with these sort of trees.  Really pretty.

Our days pretty much consisted of laying on rafts in the ocean, laying in the shade by the pool so we didn’t get totally fried (where we saw lots of these little guys)


trying to find good food, and a little bit of exploring and other stuff.  It was pretty great.  We went on some nice walks to see beautiful sunsets.

sailboat Sunset


Boy do I miss those relaxing days.  But it was so fun to come home and see my cute kids that I missed so much.

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