gratitude box

gratitude box

My mom sent me the ingredients for a fun project.

Now I need your help with what to do with it!

Ready, go.

gratitude box 4

Gratitude boxes.

Mom sent me the bones: the naked tin and inside, a little turkey button for each box as well as the words “gratitude box’ on a piece of contact-ish paper.

gratitude box 1

i love the idea, and I had fun adding some paper and embellishments real fast.

gratitude box 3

but now that they’re done, I guess I don’t really have a concrete plan as to what exactly we’re going to do with them.

So, I ask you for some fabulous ideas!

gratitude box 6

Do I make my kids write down or draw on a couple of slips of paper their top 5 things they’re thankful for and then have a reveal party?

Do we put little mini representations of what we’re most grateful for and discuss at family night?

I need somebody’s genius…please!

give me something fabulous, guys…remember my kids are 7, 4 and 19 months…

gratitude box 5

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions that you do in your family?

please share!

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