Floral Jersey Dress

Floral Jersey Dress

Once upon a time, at Fabric Weekend (sigh) I bought this gorgeous floral jersey at Mood.  Along with a bunch of other girls- AKA The Sisterhood of the Floral Knit Fabric. 🙂
We decided it would be fun for each of us to buy one yard and then all make something out of it and post on the same day.
I came up with this idea for a blocked shift dress.  I supplemented the floral fabric with an almost-black knit I had in my stash.

To make the pattern, I took an old Gap Tee that I love the fit of, then added about an inch to the waist to make it more shift-like.  I think I could have added a bit more for a slightly less fitted silhouette.  Then I lengthened it straight down to my knee.  I added length to the sleeve and added a band to make a clean finish.

I added a side panel in the front and love the illusion it creates of a slimmer line.  I really like how it turned out, and it is so comfortable, too!

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