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This week I am out of town for a much needed second honeymoon!  (More on that later)  So I’m bringing home a couple of guest posts.

Last week I had the opportunity to guest post on Project Sewn about one of my favorite Winter Fashion Trends.

I thought about some of my favorite things right now, like booties, and leather, and ripped skinny jeans-
but in the end, surprising even me, I chose to talk about what I am loving right now- and never thought I would.

Plaid.  Yep.

I am loving plaid.  Especially comfy plaid shirts.
They are the perfect wardrobe staple this fall/winter.

Here are some great ways to wear them:

With leather and/or graphic tees:
Loose and blousy with skinnies:
With a maxi:
With heels:

Really- the options are endless.

What fashion trend are you loving this fall/winter?  I want to know!



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