Halloween 2013: Scarlet

Halloween 2013: Scarlet

You probably could have guessed from earlier posts
{here} and {here}
that I have a little thing for the girl with the riding hood.
I figure, next year, Scarlet will be able to voice who she’d like to be.
So, I thought I’d make her be Little Red Riding Hood for real.

This costume was the real mccoy for me, because it consisted not only of a dress, but also a cape and little bloomers.  whew!  Go big or go home I guess! (ps, this is Autie, not Jen…the one that is not a master pattern maker or seamstress)
 (never mind the extremely long ribbon on her cape…this was the first official dress rehearsal, and I didn’t bring scissors with me when I took pics!)

The dress was my favorite part!  I got to use a couple of trims that I had in my stash (I love dipping into my stash for fun projects!)  The pre-ruffled eye let, the vintage German-looking trim and the faux-corset were fun little additions to a regular dress.  

I am officially ready for Trunk or Treating and Trick or Treating, school parades and Halloween parties!  (and I’ve still got 9 days!)
So, which of my three costumes is your fav?  Ivy?  Max? or Scarlet?

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