Halloween 2013: Max

Halloween 2013: Max

What I thought was going to be the most complicated costume, turned out to be the easiest…and cheapest!
Max and I saw {this} on pinterest… and had to do it!
Our inspiration for our Lego Mini fig…was this guy:
pretty classic, regular looking Lego Man
I saw a couple of ways to master this online…and sort of took the ideas from all of them and made this super easy costume.

He can see out of it just fine, the head is very light-weight (especially compared to his Blue Toad costume hat from last year)

He’s totally stoked for Halloween!
Here’s what we did:

for the body, I used a box the girls at the local Dollar Tree let me have (it was the empty box that held their foam core boards.

It was just about the right thickness, all I had to do was turn it inside out, and cut the front and back into a trapezoid shape, rather than the regular straight-up box shape.
then cut a few holes for Max’ head and arms.
I taped it with brown craft tape so that I could paint it easily.
and Max and Ivy painted it all blue.  We printed off a LEGO logo, adhered it onto a scrap of foam core board, and hot glued it onto the front.  done.
For the head,. I purchased 2 styrofoam wreaths from Joanns, a 2-pack of styrofoam discs, some styrofoam glue, and a piece of white poster board (do people still call that tag board?)
All I had to do was measure the heighth of Max’s head, to know how long to cut the poster board.  I had to use two lengths of the poster board to make it all the way around the wreaths.  It ended up being about 10 inches high.
I shaved off some of one of the corners of the top wreath to make it a little bit more round.  Then I cut two eye holes and a mouth in the middle of one of my lengths of poster board.  Using the styrofoam glue, and some rubberbands, I attached one length of poster board to the wreaths, making sure that the wreath with the rounded top stuck up above the poster board just a little.  Once that was dry, I attached the other half of the poster board, and waited for that to dry also.
To create the lego top, I glued a paper plate to the top wreath and then placed one of the styrofoam discs on top of that.
We spray-painted it with Sunshine Yellow paint from Home Depot..Easy!

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