Cuffed Lounge Leggings

Cuffed Lounge Leggings

As most of you know, I had the opportunity to go to Sewing Summit a few weeks ago.  While there, I got to take a class where we drafted a pair of custom fit leggings.  The fabulous Miranda from One Little Minute taught the class.

I wanted to take this class for two reasons.  First, I thought it would be great practice to draft a pant pattern- something I don’t make very often.  Second, I have had a pair of lounge pants on my to-sew list for a very long time.  So my plan was to use this time to make myself a pair.

We each were responsible for taking our own leg and hip measurements.  There were some tricky ones, mainly the front and back rise (distance from the inseam area up to the waistline in the front and back)… but thanks to Miranda’s clear instructions, we all were able to do this without much of a problem.

We brought those measurements to class, and made any adjustments there prior to drafting.  We then got busy drafting our pattern.  With a great booklet that helped us along, we had our pattern in no time. Then we cut and sewed our leggings together.

A while back, I bought some cute exercise pants that are mid-calf length and have a cuffed bottom.  I love them, but they are really too tight to wear as loungewear.  Definitely just for exercise.  I thought a pair like that, but looser would be great on those days when I really want to wear sweats but don’t want to look dumpy.

These are the perfect solution.  Fitted but not too tight, perfect with an oversize tee or sweatshirt. Great to wear lounging around the house, or running a quick errand.  I plan to make myself several more pairs.  I want to live in them!

When I got home from Sewing Summit, I checked out Miranda’s blog, and lucky for you all- She has the drafting tutorial up for everyone to use!  I highly recommend trying this.  All I did for the perfect fit, was to cut my pattern right from the draft, only shorter.  No seam allowance added or taken away. (You would take away some for tighter leggings)  I added a yoga waistband instead of elastic and added a cuff to the legs- and there you have it!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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