Aviator Helmet

Aviator Helmet

Back in the day, Autie and I created this aviator jacket and hat for the first season of Project Run & Play we competed in.  We shared the tutorial there, but never here on iCandy. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we thought we would share the tutorial – this would make a fabulous costume for a little boy!

To start out, first you must go here to get the pattern.  Scroll down to the bottom for the 3-piece pattern.  Copy and paste the picture (of the pattern) into an image editing software, where you can resize it.  OR you can print it and, using a copy machine, enlarge it to fit.

To get the size, measure the child from the top of his forehead to the back of his head at the hairline.  This is how long the coif center piece should be.  So in my image editing software, I just enlarged the picture (all pattern pieces) until the coif center piece was as long as I needed it to be. It worked out great. Then I just printed it out.
When printing, it was too big to fit on one page, so I just taped pages together.

With the hat we made, there wasn’t much leather left after making the jacket.  So I just randomly sewed strips of leather together to be big enough to fit the pattern pieces on.

Here is how the back looks:

Finally, once the ear parts were sewn on, we added a buckle that had come off of the original jacket to the flaps.  You could cut up an old belt, or buy the hardware from the fabric store and add it to a couple of strips of your material you make the hat out of.  Or you can leave them off altogether.

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