Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit!

Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit!

So, last week, I guest-posted over at Nap Time Creations in her fun little series called Sew Many Books
Her idea was to pick a children’s book that we love, and sew something to go with hit…and then tell the story in pictures.
Here is my project!
I love to read my kids children’s books: we’ve got some really fun ones over here on our shelves, so I jumped at the chance to share one of our gems with you…and sew something to go with!
While I was trying to decide what book to share, and what to sew two things made this book be the perfect fit.  First, Chris Van Dusen is my very favorite children’s book author (He’s got a bunch published, and all of them are fabulous!)  Second, as you know, we are a baseball family, so this particular book is a fav…and I don’t think I can get enough of the baseball sleeves that Max wears!
I give you: Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit.

And…to go with it, Jen drafted me a pattern for the baseball sleeves that the boys all wear for practice and under their uniforms…I love my son to wear them to school, and of course to every practice.  That’s just what baseball players wear!
So, it’s about this darling little nerd boy who’s playing baseball, but he gets so consumed with the trajectory of the pitch, and what would happen to the throw if there was no gravity, etc. that he strikes out…every time.

“He struck out every time at bat.  He wasn’t good at all.  But something beyond baseball brought a smile to Randy’s face.  What Randy Riley really loved was stuff from outer space!”

 So one night, as he was playing a pretend game of baseball in his room with his toy robot collection, he takes a break to check out the universe in his telescope…and what he sees is sure doom for his entire town.  it’s a fireball that looks like it’s headed straight for them!  He calculates quickly and finally concludes that in 19 days
the fireball would crash into his town!

He tries to warn his parents to no avail…so he knows what he has to do.  He gathers all of his gear and heads back to the shed to work on his solution.

Finally at breakfast on the 19th day, the news announcer screams “emergency!” “Code Red!”  the town panics as they hear that the fireball will hit by noon!

But not Randy, he runs to his shed and rips his tarp off of his massive robot man.

With his remote control handy, he guides the gigantic robot down to the old mill where he rips the smoke stack off the hold abandoned mill.

And then according to his precise calculations, marches him up the hill to the spot the fireball will crash.

 “Randy’s eye was on the ball,
No room for error now.
Three-two-one and FLIP THE SWITCH!
A swoosh and then. . . “
Randy hits his VERY FIRST HOME RUN!
Randy Riley saves the day!
“and as the crown went crazy,
Randy stood there with a grin
and mumbled, “How predictable–
a fastball, low and in.”

So, even though he still strikes out every time he’s up to bat…it’s Ok because Randy’s had the biggest hit of all!

I loved getting to sew a new set of sleeves, and with whatever fun colors I want!  I used two shirts that I bought at Goodwill to make his shirt, and then because I can’t weld a giant metal robot, I just freezer paper-stenciled one onto the front to tie it in to this fabulous story…
check out Chris Van Dusen at your local library…I don’t know him, I just love all of his stuff!  (he’s the illustrator for the Mercy Watson books, too!)

Want the pattern?  Jen’s the mastermind behind the pattern, I’ll share it with you guys later this week!

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