Facebook, Bloglovin, Feedly

Facebook, Bloglovin, Feedly

Now that Google Reader is long gone, we have been thinking about the ways people follow
their favorite blogs.

Personally, I like Bloglovin’.  I like the simplicity of it and I like that you can see a preview picture for each post.

Other people enjoy Feedly.  I never got the hang of it, but it is definitely a popular option. I was told the apps are really great, for those who read blogs on their mobile devices.

Then there is Facebook. Facebook is a great option, but I just discovered that you won’t see the page feed unless you have interacted with it in the last 30-60 days.  So for all the blogs/pages you follow in Facebook, they won’t show up in your feed unless you share, like or comment on a post every month or so.  I had no idea about that.  No wonder I don’t see all that many in my feed!

Then there are others I probably don’t even know about…

We would love for you to keep getting our posts! Keep this information in mind if you haven’t replaced your reader.  If Facebook is your new reader, be sure to interact every once in a while.

How do you follow your blogs?  Leave us a comment!

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