ashleyNEF love

ashleyNEF love

Have you met ashleyNEF?
She’s one of our newest sponsors specializing in ruffle fabrics and car organizers…both of which I love!
ever since I made {these and these} leggings, I’ve been obsessed with them.  I get tons and tons of compliments on them, I get asked where on earth I got them, and my daughter Ivy wears them all the time!
So, when ashleyNEF sent me a couple of yards of this amazing polka-dot ruffle fabric (that I showed you {here} I had no hesitation in what I would make with it.

All of my other ruffled leggings for Ivy are solid.
i heart the polkies on these!

…and again, as we were walking to school today, after taking these pictures, I didn’t even make it onto school campus before someone mentioned something about my girls ruffled leggings. (and that mom asked her daughter if she wanted some, too…uh, yes! she replied!)

There are so many fun projects to do with ruffled fabric, and ashleyNEF has it all, from 2″ wide ruffles that would make an awesome skirt…to solids, and polka dots.  go check out their selection {here}

In addition to being the full of ruffles, they also offer car organizers, which in the last couple of weeks since I’ve had this in my car, I’ve fallen in love with!  My kids love putting my babies things back in the little pockets on top {my favorite part}.

It’s also so nice to have a stash of diapers and wipes neatly tucked in the back, right by Scarlet, where I need it.  I store some hand sanitizer, so while I’m buckling baby in, I remember to grab it out and de-germ the other kids before we bring it all home and my favorite part are the clean grommets at the top that fit in between the posts that hold my carseat head rest up.

They’ve done a really nice job in the construction of these organizers, and I’m very impressed with the quality of them…and of course the darling, but not obnoxious fabric choices.
go check them out!
ps…i love these, too!
pps: the dress pattern I used for the above dress (which is reversibly awesome) is the A-line Tunic/Dress that I blogged about {here} the pattern can be downloaded {here}

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