mom’s mug

mom’s mug

I found this tutorial online entitled Myths about Mugging.
…and following their simple steps, made a very simple little present for my cute mom.
You’ve seen thiese before, get a cheap mug (I got mine at Big Lots) and doodle on it with a sharpie.
BUT…not just any sharpie, or it’ll come off!

I’ve heard tell that if you use regular sharpies, the marker will start to fade.  This little tip/trick saves the day and will apparently stand up to a good scrub.  (you can buy these at Home Depot)
But, in the land of Pinterest, now that you have your new kind of sharpies, here are some of my favorites.
These would make awesome family Christmas gifts!!

source: Pinstrocity
source: Just Imagine

The possibilities are endless!  how fun!

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