Kindle Cover (take 3)

Kindle Cover (take 3)

My son Max just turned 7!
He is a reader…a serious reader.
So, for his birthday, I gave him a hand-me-down gift: my older Kindle
I was a little worried about him leaving it in random places and trashing it, (so far he has been so careful with it; it’s his pride and joy)
But, just in case, I wanted to make him a cover for it that is a little hardier, and could possibly withstand the tests of a busy boy.
I had a pattern for a kindle case that I got from one of our former sponsors Pink Poodle Bows.
I tested it out {here}originally.
I made just a few adjustments to make it a little more suitable for my guy.
#1: the button and elastic closure.  The pattern called for a bow, along with velcro…a bow is just a little too girly for me, and lets be honest, Max isn’t going to sit there and re-tie a bow every time he puts his book away…He picked out the button, and it’s been fabulous.

#2: to make it a little thicker, I substituted the interfacing that it called for with fusible fleece.  (the pattern called for one side to be fusible fleece, and the pockets to have interfacing.  I just double-up(ed) on the fleece)  I feel better about the cushion that the extra layer of fusible fleece provides, just in case.

and, I tried to go with some more boyish prints this time around.
happy reading!

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